3 Things To Look For In A Good Impact Driver Kit

Ever tried to loosen an over-torqued screw or a corrosively frozen one, may be yes, may be no. the experience can be best narrated by mechanics who encounter such every moment at work. There is the need to understand why impact driver kit is the best. Impact driver kit provides a better experience in work than ever known before.
If you are planning a project that entails driving a ton, long and large screws, consider yourself at the right place to know why you need an impact driver kit.

Earlier driver kits such as the hammer drill and traditional drill have been on the losing ground to a relatively new modernized type of cordless tool, the impact driver. The rhetorical questions: difference between an impact driver and drill/driver? What’s better having an impact driver kit rather than the older one I know? now have answers.

3 Things to Look for in a Good Impact Driver Kit
Impact driver kit can be obtained mostly in home improvement retailers, hardware or licensed brand retailers. The price usually has a correlation with the quality, the better the quality, the higher the drilling into the pockets. However, there should be no extra payments for a better and more powerful tool.
When buying an impact driver kit, consider having the following in your mind:

Impact driver reverses switch
It’s important that the driver you are buying has a forward/reverse switch which is in almost all impact drivers which enhance reversion of the driver rotation. It works great in removing screws and avoiding drill jamming. If there aren’t a reverse switch in the drive, then that’s probably not an impact driver.

Rather than the keyless chuck, a collet is present which allows hex-shanked driver bits. Its main job is to drive screws, which is done faster and easier than all other driving tools. Long, large fasteners can be driven by impact drivers, as well as fat lag screws which would stall the very best driver.

Impact driver handle
There should be a comfortable handle to prevent palm blisters, which is mostly covered by a rubber layer that acts soft on the skin. This adds efficiency to the user as health hazards are minimized. Standardized impact drivers’ handles create forward pressure, pushing the screw and reducing effort used. One-handed and stretch-and-drive situations work best.

Impact driver light and housing
A built-in LED lamp should be on your driver so as to light up the material that is being worked on which increases efficiency in light limited places. Important too is a firmly placed housing for the internal components of the impact driver as the rotational forces are extremely high.

The housing should be strong and stable which generally shows the quality of the impact driver. Unlike traditional drills, an impact driver uses a combination of much higher rotational torque, its rotational taping is paced and fast, serving to nudge along the fastener while the screw is kept the tip in place without the slots spinning.
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